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TED News in Brief: A time-lapse of 6,000 portraits, and a novel about botany

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Over the past week, we’ve noticed a lot of TED-related news items in the ether. Here, some highlights:

TED Prize winner JR (watch his talk) has shared this stunning timelapse video of 6,000 people stopping by his Inside Out photo truck in New York City, and pasting their photos on the sidewalk in Times Square.

Elizabeth Gilbert (watch her talk) has released a new novel — about 19th-century botany, naturally. Here, she has a conversation with The New York Times about it.

Fast Co. Design gives a beautiful preview of TED 2.0. Head to hello.TED.com to get invited to the beta of the site.

In an op-ed in The Los Angeles Times, Robert Greene wonders if Janette Sadikh-Khan could do great things for the unofficial city of freeways. What made him think about it? Watching her TED Talk. He writes, “If only there…

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Cum a crescut speranţa de viaţă a românilor (amintiri din viitor)

Interesante calcule

Călin Hera. PA-uri şi mirări

Strategia e simplă şi, dacă-mi permiteţi, genială: facem ora de 57 de minute; câştigăm 3 minute pe oră, adică 72 de minute pe zi. Într-un an bisect obţinem 26.352 de minute, egal 18,3 zile. Rotunjind, la fiecare 20 de ani ne alegem cu unul în plus, adică o creştere a speranţei de viaţă, capitol la care eram codaşii Europei, de la 73 la 76 de ani, foarte aproape de media europeană, rezumă dl. consilier. “E bun tipu’, de aşa ceva aveam nevoie!”, îşi zice premierul. Marea reformă îi face cu ochiul.

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Fly Tying: Exacting Details for Small Fly Patterns

SwittersB & Exploring

Planet Trout-Fly Tying-Macro Photography-Photography-Outdoors-California-Fly Fishing

Tim Barker over at Planet Trout has a never ending supply of small fly patterns that are intelligently designed and reasoned out to the hatches trout dine upon and habitat they hold in. His attention to small details in fly pattern design make one consider the learning process of fly fishing. There are many layers to the sport and a never ending opportunity to experiment  while studying various watersheds.


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