My 10 favorite “Before I die” responses: Candy Chang celebrates the release of her book

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[ted_talkteaser id=1553]When artist and TED Fellow Candy Chang first installed “Before I Die” — a public artwork that invites passers-by to share their life’s wishes on the side of an abandoned New Orleans building — she had no idea that the project would become a global phenomenon. Over the last two and a half years, people have taken it upon themselves to create “Before I Die” walls in 62 countries around the world, in 26 languages. An incredible 32 new walls were created in 12 countries in the last month alone.

Today, Chang launches the Before I Die, the book, documenting walls around the world and featuring the stories of the people who made them. “It’s a reminder of our shared connections as we try to make sense of our lives,” Chang tells the TED Blog.

To celebrate the release of the book, she sent us 10 of…

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Versatile Blogger Award

theo and the blog

Hello lovers!





I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award and I need to thank Dear Kitty. Some blog for that! It was a nice surprise for my “comeback” . 🙂


Here are the rules:

• Display the Award Certificate on your website
• Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
• Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers
• Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
• Post 7 interesting things about yourself (in WordPress as well)

Seven things about me? Hmmmm…

1.  The top 7 posts on my blog are:

Cele mai ciudate fructe
Filme de vazut
Produse cosmetice indispensabile
Cel mai scump parfum din lume
Sutiene vs barbati
Fulgii de ovaz impotriva iritatiilor inghinale, iar sutienul potrivit iti schimba viata!
Am acceptat provocarea – 7 curiozitati/secrete despre mine AWARD

2. The funniest search terms for my…

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Criza economica a Marii Britanii dupa 1960

Frumoasa M. Britanie


Criza economica a Marii Britanii dupa 1960Marea Britanie, locul de nastere al industrializarii, isi pierduse inca din 1900 rolul de lider in industrie si tehnica in fata competitiei europene si americane, insa cum Londra era atunci centrul infloritor al comertului mondial, britanicii nu-si ajustasera politica econmica in conformitate cu aceasta dezvoltare. In anii 1960, cand lira continua sa scada, radacinile crizei economice devin tot mai vizibile: economia britanica era pe punctul de a se prabusi din cauza mijloacelor de productie invechite, a pierderilor din productie cauzate de greve numeroase si extinderii exagerate a bugetului determinata de cresterea constanta a cheltuielilor sociale.

Incepand din 1979, noul premier conservator, Margaret Thatcher, initiaza politici economice liberale stricte. Acestea includeau retragerea statului din economie, extinderea privatizarii si reducerea impozitelor, insa si reducerea drepturilor muncitorilor si a ajutoarelor sociale acordate de stat. In consecinta, inflatia se diminueaza, iar rata investitiilor creste , insa foarte multe companii intra in faliment. Numarul de…

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Radio XXII, side A, track 9: “Perfect World” by Huey Lewis and The News, #36 on The Top 88 of ’88

Mixed Tape Masterpiece

huey03Oh, Huey Lewis and The News, you guys can keep on dreamin’, because there ain’t no perfect world anyway.  And here’s the thing, Huey Lewis and The News, exactly WHAT would a perfect world look like?  Whose perfect world would it be?  I mean, I have a feeling that your idea of a perfect world and say, Ted Nugent’s, are, if you’ll pardon the pun, worlds apart.  For the world to be perfect for one person, there’s going to be someone else who’s going to be absolutely miserable in that first person’s perfect world.  And vice versa.

I’ll tell ya something, Huey Lewis and The News, as I get older, I’m starting to get where dictators and despots are coming from.  Don’t get me wrong, Huey Lewis and The News, I’m not saying I agree with them, but I get the attraction of ruling a country with an iron…

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Two opportunities to see “Piers Morgan Live” in studio!

Piers Morgan

If you’ve always wanted to see an hour of “Piers Morgan Live” in studio, you’re about to get your chance!

Piers Morgan will be hosting a special hour of programming featuring a live studio audience.

Friday, July 12 the British television presenter, author of eight books, and winner of “The Celebrity Apprentice” will anchor his CNN program from his New York studio, and if you’re available and interested, you could be right there with him.

Fans of “Piers Morgan Live”, who are in the New York City area Friday, please join us for a lively discussion on race, self-defense and much more. We will take an in depth look at the Zimmerman trial. Was it murder or self defense? Do you think George Zimmerman is guilty?

For free tickets to attend Friday’s audience edition of “Piers Morgan Live” please fill out this form.

Deadline to respond is Thursday, July…

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Germania – de la dezastru economic la bogatie


Germania - de la dezastru economic la bogatieDupa ce Germania de Est si Germania de Vest s-au unificat intr-un singur stat pe 3 octombrie 1990, problemele au persistat in continuare pentru o perioada buna. Procesul unificarii s-a dovedit a fi o provocare economica si politica uriasa. Industriile bolnave din Est se prabusesc aproape complet, in contextul structurilor industriale competitive din Germania de Vest, iar somajul rezultat si lipsurile conduc la proteste in masa in multe orase din estul Germaniei. La aproape un an dupa unificare, statul a fost zguduit de numeroase atacuri ale radicalilor de stanga asupra strainilor si emigrantilor. Excesele au fost supravegheate cu teama atat in tara, cat si in strainatate, indeosebi din cauza precedentului fascist si xenofob din istoria Germaniei. La sfarsitul anului 1992, 100.000 de persoane au demonstrat impotriva rasismului si intolerantei.

Astazi, Germania este tara cea mai populara a Europei si are o economie puternica. Dupa succesul reunificarii, ea a pledat in…

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